Be a Fat and Calorie Detective

“Healthy eating involves eating less fat.”


Fat is the most fattening of all things we eat because if contains more than twice the calories as the same amount of sugar, starch, or protein.

Fat is related to heart disease and diabetes.

Research has shown that eating a lot of fat can increase your cholesterol level…the higher your cholesterol, the greater your chances of having a heart attack, or getting diabetes.
But keep in mind that eating too many calories  from any type of food is also fattening and will cause weight gain.

Most f the fat that we eat (70%) is hidden in foods. Check out your Calorie King Book and find out how many calories are in fast food such as burgers and fries from McDonalds and Burker King…

The key to eating better is to become aware of what you’re eating…start writing down everything you eat and drink, and be honest about what and how much you really eat. Be accurate and be complete…this not for the world, but for you so that you can begin to analyze what and how much you are eating from day to day.

Figure out how many calories and how much fat you are eating each day, add it up, and see what you get for a total…start keeping track everyday.


And when you are cooking, whether you are following a recipe or making something from scratch write down what ingredients you are using and how much…how many servings are you making? How many calories and grams of fat are in each serving?

 Packaged Foods

When eating pre-packaged foods…READ THE LABEL…know what you’re eating – read the ingredients, look at the serving size, calories per serving, and total grams of fat per serving.

Weight & Measuring

Measure and weigh your foods to help you stay with in the recommended portion size as explained by my plate

If you weigh and measure at home, it will be easier for you to estimate portion sizes when eating away from home.

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