Group Lifestyle Balance Session 14: More Volume, Fewer Calories

Here is an excerpt from lesson 14 of the Group Lifestyle Balance Curriculum that FIT body & soul uses to teach their diabetes prevention program…


More Volume, Fewer Calories 

Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., who holds the endowed Guthrie Chair of Nutrition at Penn State University, is the author of a popular book entitled, “Volumetrics: Feel Full of Fewer Calories” (HarperCollins Publishers, 2000). The information in this session is based on Dr. Rolls’ research.

All foods provide a certain number of calories (energy) for a specific amount (volume) of food. This concept is called energy density.

  •  High-density foods provide a lot of calories in a small portion (volume) of food. Examples: crackers, chips, cookies, chocolate/candies, nuts, butter
  • Low-density foods provide few calories per portion (volume) of food. Examples: non-starchy vegetables, nonfat milk, soup broth
For example, 1 cup of raw spinach (low-density) provides 7 calories but 1 cup of premium ice cream (high-density) provides 500 calories. They have the same amount or volume of food, but very different calories!
The basic idea of “Volumetrics” is to add volume to your meals by:
1. Reducing fat
2. Adding fiber
3. Adding water
4. Adding fruits and vegetables
By increasing the volume of food, you will consume fewer calories, enjoy a satisfying portion of food, and keep hunger in check

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